Vanille Benjoin Eau de Parfum


Vanille Benjoin by Affinessence is an Amber Vanilla fragrance for women and men. Vanille Benjoin immediately envelops its wearer in a soft, protective cocoon of vanilla that we find insanely comforting. It鈥檚 a hug in a bottle. The vanilla here is dry and woody, tending towards the savory end of the spectrum rather than the sweet. Released in 2015 and carefully crafted by聽Corinne Cachen Top notes: Tahitian Vanilla absolute and Madagascan Vanilla absoluteHeart notes: Siamese benzoin, Tonka and AmbroxanBase notes: Cedar

  • Affinessence

  • EAN Code:
  • 3770005942298

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Prijs: € 139.00

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