Saiga Eau de Parfum


Saiga by Le Couvent Maison de Parfum is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women and men. Saiga seduces with the subtle elegance of its soft and velvety tones. - Jean-Claude Ellena,one of the greatest perfumers in the world,Director of Olfactive Creation of the Couvent des Minimes. On the edge of the steppe,beyond the vast expanses of sparse nature,a feminine silhouette takes shape in the distance. The Antelope jumped with agility,seeming to graze the ground,his flying gallop resonates like a melody. The refined heart of a Rose Centifolia coated with a delicate Cedar wood. A fragile appearance,where the fruity and mischievous note of the Bourbon de Cassis reminds us that an intense soul pulsates under this soft dress. Saiga,the Antelope,a subtle eleganceNotes: Blackcurrant,Rose

  • Le Couvent des Minimes

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  • 3701139903572

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