Rake & Ruin Eau de Parfum

Rake & Ruin Eau de Parfum


Rake & Ruin by BeauFort London is a fragrance for women and men. This powerful fragrance features the botanical ingredients of the drinks that filled the glasses,the dark woods of the floors on which they were spilt and animalic allusions to the debauched deeds that took place between them. Top notes: Smoke,Angelica,Gin,Licorice,Sichuan Pepper,Juniper,Pink Pepper,Orange,Coriander and Lemon Heart notes: Smoke,Cypress,Pine needles,Castoreum,Labdanum,Costus,Cade oil,Violet and Orris Base notes: Smoke,Woody Notes,Ambrarome,Sandalwood and Musk

  • Beaufort London

  • EAN Code:
  • 6975061413097

Webwinkel: BeautiNow
Prijs: € 5.00

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