No Sport Eau de Parfum


No Sport by La Parfumerie Moderne is a Aromatic Green fragrance for women and men. No Sport is a sheer rose and geranium fragrance with handfuls of golden hay with the refreshing,sparkling,yet substantial feel of a whisky and soda with a fat twist of lemon. When I read ‚Äutobacco‚Äu in a fragrance's notes,I think of thick,woody tobaccos like Tom Ford Tobacco Oud,but No Sport's tobacco is watery and cool with a hint of pencil shavings. The fragrance's mood is fresh,but it carries with it the civilized feel of a Study with a vase of full-blown roses on the desk and the window open to an August afternoon. In mood ‚Äi not smell ‚Äi No Sport reminds me of Hermes Equipage. It lasts all day,although close to the skin. Top notes: Bergamot,Galbanum Heart notes: Rose,Geranium,Pink Pepper,Clove Base notes: Rose,Tonka Bean,Sandalwood,Liatrix

  • La Parfumerie Moderne

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  • 3770004705016

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