Fragrance Du Bois Travel Case * 3

Fragrance Du Bois Travel Case * 3


Fragrance Du Bois is a luxury fragrance brand that offers three distinct collections, including the Shades Du Bois range of seven unique fragrances that capture the essence of a journey across the seven seas in search of the finest essences from around the world, the Prive Collection of iconic fragrances created by master perfumers to recreate iconic places past or present, and the Natures Treasures collection of hand-blended perfumes using only the finest and sustainably sourced natural ingredients, with the Fashion Capitals collection taking inspiration from some of the world's most iconic cities that are regarded as luxury fashion and cultural destinations. The travel sets include:  -Oud Rouge Intense Eau de Parfum 12ml Travel Case -Oud Vert Intense Eau

  • Fragrance du Bois

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