Fragrance Box: Jardin Blanc - 5*2ml


What a joyous time of year summer is! The weather gets warmer and you can finally break out those sunglasses you've been hiding in your closet all winter. Plus, it's the perfect time to smell like a bouquet of flowers all day long. Wearing a floral fragrance during the warmer months is practically a rite of passage. So put your oud and vanilla scents aside and embrace some neroli and gardenia instead. As spring turns into summer, it's time to invest in a fun, floral fragrance that celebrates the season. What is inside the box 5 x 2ml samples Featured brands include: Bortnikoff; Fort & Manle; Van Cleef & Arpels; Serge Lutens; Xerjoff Featured fragrances: Vetiver Nocturne 2020, Impressions De Giverny, Fleurs D Orange, Gardenia Petale, XXY

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