Chypre Mousse Eau de Parfum


Chypre Mousse Eau de Parfum is a sophisticated Unisex fragrance by Oriza L. Legrand based in France. It was revealed to the world in 1925 and the perfumer behind this fragrance is Hugo Lambert. Chypre Mousse Eau de Parfum is a beautiful fragrance with the following traits: Top notes: Fennel, Mint, Green Notes and Clary SageMiddle notes: Oakmoss, Angelica, Clover, Galbanum, Fern, MasticĀ (Lentisque) and Violet LeafBase notes: Oakmoss, Soil tincture, Boletus edulis, Vetiver, Chestnut, Pine Tree Needles, resins, Leather and Labdanum. At Beautinow you can now get this signature creation at the best price & fast delivery.

  • Oriza L. Legrand

  • EAN Code:
  • 6230894116743

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Prijs: € 91.00

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