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Sayat Nova is a celebration of exotism, each whiff of this fragrance will take you on a journey to mystic foreign lands. Opening on the fruity and sweet scent of apricot, animalic narcissus, the heart is sensual and irresistibly seductive, with the gourmand note of syrupy rum, perfectly blended with the sweet scent of vanilla. The ending is grandiose, a rich combination of the rarest oud, carefully picked from Laos, Bengal and Trat, each variant enchanting the senses with their respective nuances, a beautiful oriental trail, a pleasure to the senses as it lingers on the skin with its impressive performance Sayat Nova by Bortnikoff is a fragrance for women and men. Sayat Nova is a fragrance inspired by the legendary 18th Century Armenian poet and troubadour of that name. The scent evokes the romantic mysticism of exotic lands and bygone centuries. This exceptional creation fuses dark and intense woody tones with rich and luscious sweetness. Like the famous balladeer himself,

  • Bortnikoff

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  • 800230078942

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Prijs: € 125.00

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